We Mourn the Sudden Passing of co-founder Günter Stampf | 08.08.2012

It is with great sadness that we mourn the unfortunate and untimely passing of our visionary co-founder Günter Stampf on 28th September 2012. The loss of such a leader and creative mastermind will be hard felt by all those who had the pleasure of working with him. Our dearest thoughts are with the family he has left behind. His memory will live on in the hearts of many and be held with great fondness.

School Investigators, 4th season (70 episodes) | 22.08.2011

The 4th season of the hugely successful daily series "The School Investigators" (5pm weekdays RTL) will start with brand new episodes on the 29th of August 2011. The re-runs of 70 episodes in the summer achieved a market share of up to 29% (14-49yrs, average for series of 24.6%). Stampfwerk has already produced 236 episodes with the format licence selling to 14 countries via Upgrade. France will air the German ready-mades, dubbed, this automn on the digital TF 1 channel.

Fiction for RTL | 24.06.2011

Stampfwerk/Upgrade are working on two new primetime-fiction-projects for RTL

Love in Paradise | 21.03.2011

Stampfwerk/Upgrade holds the global distribution rights on the brand new primetime light fiction series "Love in Paradise" which will be aired on RTL II in Germany.

France: Co-operation with TF 1 Production | 21.07.2010

With the help of Upgrade, The Stampfwerk Group and TF1 Production are co-operating in the development of innovative semi-scripted formats for the French TV market. An appropriate deal was recently closed.

"The School Investigators" sold to 10 countries | 19.02.2010

The RTL-Hit-series "The School Investigators" (Die Schulermittler) has been sold to territiories including Russia, Spain, Ukraine and France. Stampfwerk/Upgrade owns the global distribution rights. The first 100 episodes are in production with an average market share after airing the first 50 of 22,4 % (14-49 yrs.). A further 60 episodes have already been ordered.

Cooperation with September Films/DCD Rights | 12.02.2010

Upgrade and September Film have agreed on a cooperation on five new formats from the creative team of Upgrade, London.

"Sabatina"-Book in the USA | 10.02.2010

The bestseller "Sabatina James: My Fight for Faith and Freedom" will be released on the 1st of June in the United States (Phoenix books). The Netherlands and France will also release the emotional story of the young woman. Stampfwerk/Upgrade hold the global rights.

Interview with a Cannibal | 04.02.2008

Upgrade is glad to announce that RDF Rights has sold “Interview with a Cannibal” to 12 further countries around the world.

Interview with a Cannibal - aired on Channel 5 | 06.11.2007

The International (English language) version of our documentary on Armin Meiwes named "Interview with a Cannibal“ aired last night on Channel 5 at 10pm. The hour-long show was the No.1 watched programme in the UK at 10 o'clock and most reviewers, including The Radio Times, have given the documentary ratings of 4 out of 5 stars or the equivalent. All at Upgrade Productions, RDF Media and Channel 5 are extremely happy with this result.

Interview with a Cannibal - aired on RTL | 16.10.2007

The German version of our documentary on Armin Meiwes, known as The Cannibal of Rotenburg, aired last night on RTL. This version was 66 mins long and was uninterrupted by advertisements, an RTL first. The documentary investigates the how and the why using exclusive interview footage with Armin himself in prison and with other experts and family friends as well as an exclusive look into the house where it all took place.

The documentary achieved a record 23% market share of the 14-49 year old category and has been re-versioned for international distribution by our company Upgrade Productions Ltd in conjunction with RDF Media. It will be aired later this year by Channel 5. A book based on the interviews by Gunter Stampf has also just been published in Germany.

Upgrade Productions - Official Announcement | 18.05.2007

The official announcement of joint venture deal between Stampfwerk Medienproduktions GmbH of Germany and Robert Stein-Rostaing of United Kingdom. The newco is Upgrade Productions Ltd. and is tasked with the development, sale and distribution of products resulting from the parent companies' collaboration.

The first products are a high profile documentary called 'Interview with a Cannibal' based on interviews with the Rotenburg Cannibal, Armin Meiwes, produced for Channel 5 and RTL, and projects surrounding the true and harrowing story of Sabatina James, the stunningly beautiful Pakistan-born model and singer who fled Islam for Christianity and earned a death sentence in the process.

Günter Stampf of Stampfwerk and Robert Stein-Rostaing are both delighted by the official collaboration and greatly look forward to producing the various exciting film and TV projects in the Upgrade pipeline.

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We Mourn the Sudden Passing of co-founder Günter Stampf School Investigators, 4th season (70 episodes) Fiction for RTL Love in Paradise France: Co-operation with TF 1 Production

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