Max Ryan: Diamond Divers (Documentary Series)

The world of the Diamond Diver is one rarely seen and yet is fascinating beyond words.

Risking life and limb, hunting for the jackpot, this way of life is for the select few; brave adventurers and adrenalin junkies. Surfers during high seas and jackpot chasers in low seas, they are some of the most unconventional people on our planet.

The series of one-hour episodes follows Max Ryan, Hollywood Star, join these mavericks going about their radical life and testing his metal. Can he handle their way of life and work with them to hunt for the jackpot? What will he think of the smugglers, who risk their lives daily, when he meets them? And, will he get to the bottom of why the divers get so little money for the diamonds they find?

This is 'Point Break' meets 'Deadliest Catch' and 'Long Way Round' with a splash of 'Jackass' thrown in for good measure.

This is not one to miss.

Max Ryan: Diamond Divers


Duration: 4min42

Sabatina James

After the breakthrough success of her autobiographical book ‘’Sabatina: Sterben sollst Du für Dein Glück” (literally translated as “Sabatina: It’s Worth Dying For Your Luck”) in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Czech Republic and Spain, Upgrade secured the worldwide publishing rights to this incredible story and the exclusive TV and film rights.

Upgrade is developing a documentary in collaboration with September Films based on her experiences and her passion to help others who have suffered similar fates and also to protect those in jeopardy.

Sabatina is a Pakistani-born woman who moved to Austria when she was ten years old; a devout Muslim. As western European culture began to influence the young girl’s growth she clashed terribly with her parents. They sent her back to Pakistan, essentially hostage, as a sixteen year old in order to attend a gruelling Qur’an school to rehabilitate her ‘fallen’ character and prepare her for the arranged marriage to a cousin she barely knew. By feigning submission to the will of the greater family, Sabatina managed to eventually earn herself a ticket back to Austria where she eventually declared to her parents that she had converted to Christianity. This act earned Sabatina a death sentence from her own blood that she still lives in fear of to this very day, despite having fled to Germany. Sabatina now lives there secretly, under police protection. This brave young woman is an Ambassador for Terres des Femmes e.V. and has established a non-profit organisation for Pakistani women in desperate need of refuge from a kind of torment that western research is showing to be abhorrently common place (

In addition to the documentary, Upgrade is developing a biopic feature screenplay adapting Sabatina’s torturous but ultimately inspiring story for the big screen.

Sabatina James - Spanish Subtitles

Sabatina James - French Subtitles

Sabatina James


Duration: 4min55

Pat Brown: Meeting the Murderer (Crime Series)

Pat Brown: Meeting the Murderer


Duration: 3min28

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